Ascent Reef Iron

Reef safe bio-available iron for macro algae and corals. Raises bio-available form of iron in marine systems. Free from phosphate and nitrate. Safe to all aquatic organisms. Promotes the growth of micro and macro algae. Suitable for use in refugium biological filter systems. Enhances the pigment development in corals. Ascent Reef Iron has been formulated to promote the growth of coralline algae and refugium macro algae. Iron is also an important element for the growth and metabolic activity of fish, invertebrates, and macro algae. Use weekly or on a regular basis. The dosage is based on the standard reef aquaria. Reduce or adjust the dosage depends on the organisms load in the aquarium. Overdose may lead to algae growth.

10 ml per 400 liter of water.
250 ml
42 Nos. / Inner Box, 84 Nos. / Master Box