[2 mm – 40% Protein] / Floating fish feed for fish.
Natural multi-color enhancing fish feed – added with natural astaxanthine, spirulina and carotenoids.
• The natural color enhancing feed is formulated with astaxanthine, spirulina and carotenoids.
• The visible color enhancing results can be attained with few days of feeding and optimum water quality.
• The COLOR PLUS is a proven formula for the fish such as gold fish, flowerhorn and cichlids.
• In water the pellets become soft and tender without losing the nutritive value and will not pollute water.
• The high quality Peruvian fish meal supplies as easily digestible source of protein.
Ingredients: High quality fish meal, krill meal, shrimp meal, wheat flour, soybean meal, soy lecithin, spirulina, astaxanthine, purine, carotene, yeast, poly unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, C, D, E and selected minerals.
Instruction: Feed daily twice. Remove uneaten feed after the feeding time. Do not over feed.
Nutritive Value: Crude Protein: > 40%, Crude fat: > 6%, Crude fibre: < 4%, ash: <14%, and moisture: < 10 % Pellet size: Floating pellet 2 mm Content: 100 g Packing: 24 Nos. / Inner Box; 96 Nos. /Master Box