Natural Mineral supplement for all type of fish to promote shiny color, vibrant and healthy sheen and to create natural breeding environment.
Working Principles:
1. Misty Mineral Maker consists of naturally derived mineral supplements to supply minerals via water application. The selected minerals improve the fish color and keeps the fish healthy.
2. It also consists of pro-active natural inert to induce the breeding performance of the fish by providing natural environment.
3. The active minerals regulate fish physiology and provide vibrant metallic pearly sparkling sheen to fish.

Dosage and Usage:

Measurement: 1 spoon inside measures approximately 1 gram powder
Usage: Use weekly once, 1 gram / 100 liters. Dissolve well in a cup of clean water and disperse in the aquarium tank. Few hours, it may show cloudy water and settle down quickly as crystal clear.


50 g


12 Nos. / Inner Box; 96 Nos. / Master Box.