Aquatic plant macro nutrients.
Contains all macro elements for lush plant color and growth. Regulates photosynthesis.
The complete macro nutrients formulation for aquatic plants. Improves the growth, color and health of the aquarium plants. Enhances the photosynthesis activity, hence increases the chlorophyll production.


Use bi weekly at the prescribed dosage. For best result use 2 ml / 100 liter per day, if you have time to spent few seconds every day.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Nitrogen, Potassium, Plant growth regulator, Essential macro nutrients and minerals.
For best result: Use with Plant Health Formula, Phyto Carb, Green Power and Green Microbes/Microlife – S2.


10 ml per 100 liter of water.


120 ml, 220 ml, 500 ml


• 120 ml 55 Nos. / Inner Box; 220 Nos. / Master Box
• 220 ml  42 Nos. / Inner Box; 84 Nos. / Master Box
• 500 ml  42 Nos./ Master Box