Liquid Soil Probiotic
An essential product for ultra intensive shrimp farming – Immersed in stable media – Controls Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia and Nitrite – Remediates black soil – Regulates Plankton

Blend of effective soil bacteria and added additives for healthy soil in shrimp ponds. Works both in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Very useful for intensive shrimp farming soil management.

• H S / Black soil elimination.
• Ammonia / nitrite reduction
• Clean environment for aquatic animal
• Regulate plankton
• Mineral fixing and increase bio availability of minerals for shrimps.
• Added enzymes for shrimp stress removal
• Fertile soil and improved water quality

CONTENT:Thiobacillus bacteria and selected soil bacterial strains with inerts
Dilute SOIL RIG-F 1 liter in around 25 liter of pond water and apply throughout the pond to distribute evenly for better results.

Content: 1 Liter
Packing: To be customized.