stress Heal

Aloe Vera (Wound Healer) –Natural Stress Reliever (Stress Remover) – Natural Acclimatizing agent (Transport Aid) – Synthetic Slime synthesizer (Slime Coat) – Ammonia Reduction Factors (Ammonia Controller) –Instant Chlorine in-activator (Chlorine Remover) –Heavy metal chelator Water Conditioner) Wound Heal: Aloe Vera is the active ingredient acts as a natural wound healer and greater immune stimulant, reduces fish stress. Contains natural antibacterial compound.
Transport: Stress Heal acts as life savor by protecting the fish from ammonia build up, and infectious diseases.
Suitable to use during Transport, acclimatization, and water exchange. De-Chlorine: Contains active De-chlorinator and heavy metal binder.
Quickly removes chlorine in tap water and binds toxic compounds. Reduces ammonia toxicity in water.
Slime Coat: The synthetic slime coat compounds bind with the skin of the fish and make the protective layer as natural slime coat and rapidly reduce the stress and mortality.

10 ml / 100 liter, during transport: 1 ml / 5 liter.
50 ml, 100ml, 200 ml

50 ml –> 10 Nos. / Inner Box; 360 Nos. / Master Box
100 ml – >55 Nos. / Inner Box; 220 Nos. / Master Box
200 ml –> 42 Nos. / Inner Box; 84 Nos. / Master Box