Fish color enhancing gel to be coated with fish feed – contains astaxanthin oil and marigold lutein – To be used with flowerhorn, discus, Koi, Oscar, and other color demanding fish feed.
1. Take the required amount of fish feed to be coated in a plastic container.
2. Pump out the gel into the feed to be coated, close the lid and shake well for 2 minutes.
3. Add more gel until your desired coating concentration is achieved.
4. If the gel concentration is more then add fresh food to neutralize the gel.
5. Keep the feed for 12 hours to get the gel absorbed by the pellet.
6. Pack the mixed feed in air-tight container and use it to enhance the color of the fish.
7. Shelf life of this gel coated feed is about two months, if handled & stored properly without moisture addition.

Content: 30 ml
Packing: To be customized.