[1.5 mm, 46% Protein] / Slow sinking / for red color enhancing.
Natural red color enhancing diet – algal astaxanthine oil and paprika aleoresin added – coated with Bacillus Subtilis digestive bacteria
WILD elite bits DISCUS RED SPECTRUM fish feed coated with red color enhancing natural ingredients, rich astaxanthine oil from natural algae extract. The coating process is done by post extrusion process to make the astaxanthine fully available for fish without any heat denaturation. Paprika oleoresin ingredients spur the intensified red color for vibrant color. Bacillus subtilis digestive bacteria make the digestion easier and also the fish excrete does not pollute the water. This elite fish feed formulated with the blend of marine proteins, and amino acids, multi vitamins, minerals, and HUFA, PUFA fatty acids makes a complete nutrient for discus diet.

Ingredients: Peru/Chile premium fish meal, fish protein hydrolysates, squid liver meal, wheat flour, krill meal, yeast powder, soy lecithin, fish oil stabilized vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin A, natural astaxanthine oil, Bacilus subtilis bacteria, Paprika oleoresin in combination of capsanthin&capsorubin, anti-oxidents, essential amino acids, PUFA and HUFA fatty acids, and mineral supplements.
1. Feed your fish 2 – 3 times a day as much as they consume in few minutes.
2. Remove uneaten feed after feeding time. Do not over feed.
Composition: Protein- 46%, fat > 6%, fibre > 4%, ash <12%, and moisture-9 % Pellet size: Slow sinking 1.5 mm Content: 100 g Packing: 100 g  24 Nos. / Inner box; 96 Nos. / Master Box