Herbal ammonia remover- aquarium water conditioner- Pure yucca schidigera extract- plant and invertebrate safe.
1.Binds ammonia and nitrogen compounds.
2.Removes odor.
3.Keeps water clear.

How it works?

The high active yucca plant extracts binds toxic ammonia and nitrite compounds and inactivate them. Removes odor in aquarium. Useful remedy for any ammonia hike emergency as this reduces ammonia in very quick time.

When to apply?

During any ammonia toxicity emergency or as a preventive dose at weekly basis.


10 ml per 100 liter of water


100 ml, 200 ml


100 ml – >55 Nos. / Inner Box; 220 Nos. / Master Box
200 ml –> 42 Nos. / Inner Box; 84 Nos. / Master Box