Ascent Iodide

Pure Iodide liquid for marine & reef aquarium. Iodide concentrates for soft marine invertebrates. Iodide helpful for the growth, health, and color of corals and live rocks. The advanced formulation supplies the most successful form of bio-available iodide ion. Recommended to be used in reef aquaria especially with mushroom, Xenia Sp, and other soft corals. Iodide triggers the growth of polyps, mushrooms, sponges and all other soft corals. It also improves the health of anemones. Crustacean needs Iodide for molting and the development of their exo-skeletons. Use weekly or on a regular basis.

10 ml per 400 liter of water.
250 ml
42 Nos. / Inner Box, 84 Nos. / Master Box