Ascent Amino Acids

Highly concentrated proprietary formulation of amino acids. Coral and coralline algae growing special ingredients inside. Formulated with essential amino acids for the growth of hard and soft corals. Amino acids act as the energy source for corals, bacteria and sea plants. Used in calcification process of corals to build coral skeleton and for the intense coloration of coral tissues. Accelerates the color intensification and growth in corals, clams, and all other invertebrates. Promotes the recovery of damaged corals faster and enhances the survival rate. Use weekly or on a regular basis. The dosage is based on the standard reef aquaria. Reduce or adjust the dosage depends on the organisms load in the aquarium. Overdose may lead to algae growth.

10 ml per 400 liter of water.
250 ml
42 Nos. / Inner Box, 84 Nos. / Master Box