Descent Phos

Liquid phosphate binder A proprietary formulation of phosphate remover. Quickly binds with phosphate and inactivates it. The bonded phosphate either skimmed out or filtered through filter. Do not try to eliminate high levels of phosphate too quickly. Dosing should be done gradually at prescribed dosage. After the dosage, you may notice a small flocculation or cloudiness, this is normal and it can disappear in a hour time filtration. Test for phosphate with a test kit and adjust the dosage accordingly. Do not increase the dosage more than 25% of the prescribed dosage. Check the pH level and ensure not to drop down the pH by this additive application. Use pH buffer to adjust the pH.

2 ml per 100 liter of water/day.
250 ml
42 Nos. / Inner Box, 84 Nos. / Master Box