Bacterial concentrates for Koi – Encapsulated live bacterial concentrates – Supply optimal level of filter bacteria – Eliminates ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulphide – Keeps pond water & bottom clear and clean.
Five species of beneficial bacteria for koi ponds with innovative encapsulation technology for longer shelf life. Formulated to apply directly in the pond water, filter bed, filter media and filter sponges. The most successive and effective bacterial strains effective against high levels of ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulphide. Indirectly controls algal growth. Keeps pond crystal clear.

Bacterial Specifications:

• NITROSOMONAS SP – Removes Ammonia.
• NITROBACTER SP – Removes Nitrite.
• RHODOCOCCUS SP – Eliminates hydrogen sulphide from the filter bed sludge and pond bottom. Keeps the water clean.
• BACILLUS SP – Oxidizes and degrades carbohydrates, fat, organic acids and protein from uneaten feed. Improves the immunity.
• CELLULOMONAS SP- Converts cellulose to soluble carbohydrate which will be used as food for other beneficial bacteria in the pond water.


1 gram treats more than 200 liter.


50g, 100 g


To be Customized.