Encapsulated bacterial granules colored. Active bacterial spores. Seven species of beneficial bacteria for marine aquaria.

Bacterial Specification:

1. BACILLUS SP – Oxidizes and degrade carbohydrate, organic acids and protein.
2. CELLULOMONAS SP- Converts cellulose to soluble carbohydrate which will be used as food for other beneficial bacteria in the aquarium.
3. AEROBACTOR SP- At micro aero-philic conditions (in the canister filter / cartridge filter / sand filter) this bacteria ferments carbohydrate to short chain organic compounds which serve as the energy & food source for other beneficial bacteria.
4. NITROSOMONAS SP – Oxidizes Ammonia to Nitrite
5. NITROBACTER SP – Oxidizes Nitrite to Nitrate.
6. PSEUDOMONAS SP – Oxidizes organic wastes.
7. RHODOCOCCUS SP – Removes hydrogen sulphide in the aquarium and also boosts denitrification process.

1 gram equal to 1 spoon (inside the container) treats 200 liter. Use once in 7 days. 30 grams treats 6000 liter.
30 ml
To be customized.