pH – Buffer

Increases and stabilizes pH in marine aquarium. pH buffer is an advanced formula for the safe increase of pH value in fresh water and marine aquaria.

Directions to use:

1. Calculate the volume of the water to be treated (Tank Length cm X Water Height cm X Tank Width / 1000 = water volume in lire)
2. Mix the required dosage into a jug of aquarium water and disperse over the aquarium surface.
3. Do not raise the pH value by more than 0.2. You may need to use pH Buffer continuously for several days to achieve the desired pH value.

pH maintenance suggestions:

Marine fish – pH > 8.1
Marine reef – pH > 8.2
African cichlids – pH > 7.4 (fresh water)

5 g = 1 t. spoon treats 100 liter.
200 g
To be customized.