Invertebrate safe medication powder. Anti bacterial, Anti viral, and Anti parasitic. reef safe. Supply immediate oxygen.
Aquatic fish treatment remedy for viral bacterial and protozoan parasites infections – Good remedy for tetra, guppy and other tiny fish infections.
“Reef safe – Invert safe – Plant safe”

Product Recommendations:

• Flowerhorn – Internal & external bacterial disease.
• Arowana – Bacterial and protozoan infections.
• Koi and Gold fish – Viral and bacterial infections.
• Marine fish – Marine ich disease. Bacterial infections in marine fish. Oxygen supplement for newly arrived fish.
Supply rapid oxygen to fish during treatment, hence improves the fish survival. Very good remedy for marine fish soon after transport to remove transportation stress and transport injuries & infections.

Active Ingredients:

Potassium monoperoxysulfate, sulfamic acid & other filler material


1 spoon equal to 0.2 gram treats 100 liter water


20 g


To be customized.